• Back filling the data: Athens, Ohio during Covid-19

    Back filling the data: Athens, Ohio during Covid-19

    Frontline podcast a journalist goes to the rural area of Athens, County where my story Cloud of Witnesses takes place–to discover that when the schools shut down in southeast Ohio because of the coronavirus it left children at risk of going hungry. The population was always at risk of poor health outcomes and at…… Read more

  • Happy New Year, Nowruz

    Happy New Year, Nowruz

    This past weekend was Nowruz, the New Year according to the lunar calendar that Iran follows. In my book, Cloud of Witnesses, Hassan explains the idea of Nowruz to Roland who likens it to spring cleaning, a time to clear away the old and prepare for the new. “According to the Muslim calendar this is…… Read more

  • Record Everything

    Record Everything

    So here I am for twenty minutes—the amount of time I can concentrate these days. I spend most of my time being distracted, touching my face, trying not to touch my face, or else washing my hands. A lot of time is wasted on mortality. Mine and the people I love. Charting the course of…… Read more

  • For remote learners! a reading guide

    At my publisher’s website are links and downloads. Preview a chapter of the book as well as a reader’s guide. Guide includes: Q&A with the author, info on  Appalachia and Iran, plus discussion questions, a bibliography, and recommended reading Here is a small taste: Q & A WITH AUTHOR JANE HERTENSTEIN Q: Your story…… Read more

  • Little Women

    Little Women

    Little Women I recently told a group I was having a potluck with that I was going to see Little Women. One of the guys said I love that movie. Now, for a couple of reasons, I knew he was confused. Brien is the kind of guy that watches the Bears and roots for the…… Read more

  • Trying Times in Iran

    Trying Times in Iran

    We are again hearing chants of “Death to America.” History repeating–though the circumstances are different this time around. My book, Cloud of Witnesses, portrays the growing relationship between two outsiders: Roland the hillbilly and Hassan the foreign kid, both new to Athens Middle School. When I began writing this book (years ago, I must confess)…… Read more

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