• New Work Up

    New Work Up

    I have a new piece up at Random Sample Review. These latest acceptances have been vital to keeping me writing–since the break up with my agent and rejection of my nonfiction manuscript. Rejection–how it feels, these days. Anyway! I’ll live n the moment with Starting Over Read more

  • Books As Signposts in Our Life

    Books As Signposts in Our Life

    My essay, “Books As Signposts in Our Life,” has been published in Still Point Arts Quarterly for a special themed issue on books and book lovers! The digital edition is FREE. The print edition is full of beautiful illustrations–the price for a PRINT issue is $14.50 plus $3.95 shipping. Go here to download: “The…… Read more

  • Follow Your Joy

    Follow Your Joy

    I’ve had an amazing acceptance of a small flash memoir piece I’ve called Starting Over which will appear in the next issue of Random Sample Review for an issue themed “Follow Your Joy”—yes, it does involve a bicycle! More importantly, it was selected by a poet Debra Stone. This is significant in that my agent is…… Read more

  • Year of the Returning Cicada

    Year of the Returning Cicada Names Brood X, the last time they appeared in hordes was in 2004. In a few months these monstrous looking bugs will burrow out of their 17-year hiatus and attach themselves to Everything. They will be everywhere, leaving exoskeletons and nesting in trees. If you miss seeing them—don’t worry—you will hear them as the…… Read more

  • The “Foreignness” of Cloud of Witnesses

    The “Foreignness” of Cloud of Witnesses

    (Adapted from a talk I gave at the 2019 Illinois Reading Council Conference for teachers and librarians.) After writing and publishing my middle-grade novel, Cloud of Witnesses (Golden Alley Press), I discovered that it is but one of a handful of books currently being published that represents rural life. Most books coming out today for youth is…… Read more

  • Hillbilly Elegy

    Hillbilly Elegy

    a review I sort of hate it when movies, books, media reduce complex issues down into easily digested bites. That’s the trouble with Hillbilly Elegy, the movie now playing on Netflix: distilled into the Hatfield and McCoys. In fact that piece of mountain myth is referenced in the first 15 minutes of the film. My…… Read more

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