How to invite me to your school

Author Jane Hertenstein is available for FREE Skype School Visits

*She wants to make her books and literacy a key part of young reader’s experience

*She wants to make rural schools and especially Appalachia a key region for her visits

*Though she would love to come to you in person, finances and winter driving in hard-to-reach areas makes this impossible. Working together with teacher-librarians on a FREE Skype visit meets this challenge.


*Jane will schedule a 20-minute visit that includes a short humorous reading, customized “talk”, and remaining time for Q & A

*Before the scheduled visit, she will plan with the teacher-librarian via Skype to learn a bit about the class and to make sure books have been brought in and made available to the young readers. Best practice is for students to have already read book, developed their own questions or reports, and generally be prepared for the author visit.

*In order to build excitement, if possible, Jane recommends a ONE SCHOOL, ONE BOOK approach—which means several grades committed to reading the book rather than one individual class. This way the circle of reading is wider and allows for a unified effort to introduce a large number of children to the book. Motto: The more, the merrier!

*Longer visits can be arranged for a nominal fee—contact her via a message at her author Facebook

*Books available through local bookstores or from her publisher (school visit discount) Golden Alley Press,

*With each of these virtual visits, students made a connection with the world of reading and writing! Maybe one day they will grow up, write a book, and be hologrammed into their old classroom.

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